What Is The Law Of Attraction?

The law of attraction is an ongoing debate fueled by new age thinkers. The law of attraction states that we become what we think of most of the time. The law purports that our thoughts indirectly channel our mental energy into actions that get us where we need to be at the right time to get what we want most. This can be phrased in many ways such as ‘we are what we think’ or ‘the mind actualizes what we want most’.

History of the law of attraction

The law of attraction has been a continuous topic of discussion among philosophers, religious leaders and creative thinkers for quite some time now. Long before most of us got to hear about it, the law was already being conceptualized by some.

What Is The Law Of AttractionIn the early 20th century several writers published writings that explained the law of attraction. These include ‘Thought vibration or the law of attraction in the thought world’ by William Atkinson in 1906, ‘A treatise on the mechanism of prayer and the operation of the law of attraction in nature’ Israel Regardie in 1937 and ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill in the same year. Abraham Hicks also published several books on the same and his wife Esther Hicks has written more publications on the same. This is just a small fraction of the total volume of writings on this subject.

Recent discussion on the law of attraction

In the 21st century, there has been a lot of thought on the subject. The documentary ‘The Secret’ in 2006 sparked a lot of discussion into the subject leading to more publications and numerous talks on TV. To date, there are those who claim to have practiced it and gotten results, others who claim it doesn’t work for them and others who despise the entire concept.

A deeper look at the law of attraction

The law of attraction states that ‘likes attract’. When applied to human beings, the same law is contextualized to thoughts. This means that our thoughts attract like-results. The concept is further explained that our thoughts and our ability to think is far greater than man has ever imagined. It’s common scientific knowledge that man only uses a fraction of his brain power.

The law of attraction explains that when we dedicate a lot of time and mental energy to think about specific things, the energy around us works to deliver us those specific results which we seek. For example, if one dedicates his or her mental energy to getting a new car, these actions will lead to a set of events that will lead to just that. This does not mean thinking about something hard for a few minutes and then expecting it to appear out of nowhere.

The thought process has to be genuine, continuous and specific on the end results. If you desire to have a house, you must be clear about that goal. You must envision your house and be able to explain its features. You must know where that house will be located, what it looks like and what features it has.

In a way, the law of attraction is intertwined with the principle of focusing on our goals. This is a principle that has been repeated over and over in motivational books and talks. For us to achieve our objectives we must focus deeply on that which we want to achieve, By doing so, we eliminate distractions and clear a mental pathway for all our mental energy. Physical energy follows suit through our actions and before we know it, we are actualizing our desired goals.

Change Your Life!

On my personal journey, one area I have already spent a large amount of time effort and energy is on personal development.  Here are some thoughts I have developed.

Character is what defines us! Though it can take time for people to identify one’s character, the most important thing is this is what builds reputation and therefore should be carefully guarded. Bad habits on the other hand are what ruin a reputation, because they eventually develop into a character and when the person adopts them as ‘normal’ they later transform into a character. In most cases, change is a process, and it has never been easy to change anyone; the power usually lies in the decision of the person. This is what it all starts from. For instance, when someone who likes gossiping makes a decision to stop this habit, there are some actions that he needs to undertake in order to help her get out of this. This can be triggered with things such as avoiding to talk too much, breaking companionship with old friends, getting something better to occupy time and so on, though it will not change instantly, but because this person has already made a decision to stop, this habit will come to an end. Bad habits are a menace, they interrupt anyone life and deter him or her from achieving the expected goals. They also destroy health and they can waste much energy and time.

According to experts, bad habits usually result from boredom and stress. Some of the early indicators of stress could be biting of finger nails, spending too much on the shopping, internet, or drinking spree. This is usually a response to boredom. This can however be stopped when an individual adopts a new way of life. One of the things that one needs to bear in mind is that bad habits are only replaced and not changed. Whether one has good or bad habits, they play a fundamental part in their life. For instance, it can be irritating to stay in a relationship that is not working. The reaction to this varies from one individual to another, though the power of decision in that person is what rules out the difference. Anyone who switches on a computer will feel better once he or she is connected, but at the moment they go through the mails, they can either build or destroy his productivity. Bad mails will definitely divide the attention, and overwhelm the person with stress, while the good ones will re energize them, but at the end of the day, the fact that one opened the computer prevents them from feeling like they are ‘missing out’. And therefore this can be done over and over again. This is how bad habits can bring a positive turn, it’s hard to eliminate but one can replace them.  One way I am exploring to really get to the root of my bad habits and form new ones is to become a Life Coach.

My Journey!

In 2012 I made a choice to take control of my life.  All areas of my life: Health, Wealth, Career, Personal, Mental, Social, Locational, Relational and Spiritual.  This is My Journey!  Join me as I meet interesting people, and visit far away lands!

Welcome on board!